Selling and Buying paintings of the nineteenth and twentieth century – Società di Belle Arti

The Society of Fine Arts is a reference point for the sale and purchase, for the evaluation, management and intermediation of Italian paintings of the nineteenth and twentieth century.
Founded by Giuliano Matteucci and at present managed by Francesco Palminteri it has achieved a leading role as a contact for some of the most important museums, bank foundations and private amateurs, thus contributing to enrich the collections with real masterpieces.The shortlist of the artists on the market is very wide and includes nineteenth-century Italian painters ans sculptors from different schools: Fattori, Lega, Signorini, Boldini, Guglielmo Ciardi, Favretto, Zandomeneghi, Nono, Cremona, Conconi, Mosè Bianchi and Palizzi, de Nittis, Mancini, Giacinto Gigante. Painters like Morbelli, Longoni and Segantini, besides figures like Viani, Oscar Ghiglia, Casorati and Moses Levy are part of the vast catalogue of twentieth-century artists.